I wanted to lighten things up a bit for my seventh Foreign Film Friday so I’m picking a kids movie “Kirikou and the Sorceress’ This is a French cartoon- so beautifully drawn it takes your breath away. It’s about a baby boy Kirikou who lives in a traditional African village- this means the kids are running around naked and the woman wear sarongs but no tops- this is in no way sexual, but simply how they live. Kirikou manages to outsmart the evil Sorceress who has been tormenting his village and saves them from her rule. You can get the French version- but it was done in English with lovely accents. It is a very fun movie that was shown at my local indie theater during their Children’s International Film Festival, I fell in love with it instantly! I will be reviewing at least two more of films directed by Michel Ocelot so if you enjoy Kirikou keep an eye out for more of his work. I couldn’t find a trailer but here is a clip.